September 24, 2019

Best Apps For Musicians

4 Best Free Apps For Musicians

I bet you have Instagram and Snapchat on your phone, but I don’t think everyone has these 4 Best Apps for Musicians.

Being an indie artist usually comes with a small to non-existent budget, so having free apps on your side to help with day-to-day activities can be huge.

* App #3 alone has saved me $1,000’s of dollars on the road.

So let’s get into these 4 Best Free Apps For Musicians:

1. Gas Buddy App

The Gasbuddy App is a true home run. Cutting costs is the name of the game to profiting, especially in the beginning.

With an App like Gas Buddy there couldn’t be an easier way to cut down on one of your biggest tour expenses… fuel.

Once you have the Gas Buddy App Downloaded, you can use it to find gas stations anywhere!

Why is this important?

Well, you need gas for one… but the main reason is Gas Buddy lists the PRICES.

This means if you spend 3 extra minutes on your phone, you can plan all your fill up spots where you can get the most bang for your buck!

It’s always worth it to wait another 15 minutes to save .40 cents per gallon.

Fun Fact: Gas Buddy picks up your geo-location to find the best places for gas… just like how Top Left Booking does for music venues!

2. Reverb

We both know buying gear is a huge cost all of us musicians face. Guitars, mics, picks, drums, amps, speakers, DAW’s, pedals, those are the tools for our craft, an absolutely necessity! 

I am a firm believer in smart spending and the Reverb app rules for this!

If you’re not familiar, Reverb is an online marketplace for Music Gear. Check out this app for great prices on instruments and more!

3. Toll Calculator GPS

At the beginning of this article I talked about the App that saved me $1,000’s.

Well this is the one!

I swear tolls are more expensive than your gas costs some days, so it’s usually a better idea to avoid them.

Toll Calculator GPS calculates all of your toll costs from point A to point B.

So let’s say your show tonight is in Philadelphia and tomorrow it’s in Boston. You would just type in your directions from Philly to Boston and see the Toll damage.

Then, compare the driving avoiding the tolls to see if the extra mileage will cost more than the tolls will.

It only takes a few minutes and can save $100+ a day in high toll states. (New York, I’m looking at you).

Tolls will eat into $100’s if not $1,000’s in expenses on your tour. Watch out for tolls!

4. Square App

This is a must have in today’s world. If you think a lot of people carry cash you may need to rethink your situation…

Square app makes accepting credit and debit card payments easy. Not only is the app free, but they will send you a free credit card reader too.

I could not go to a show without the Square App. I’ve even gone to settle up with some promoters at the end of the night where they would say “sorry, I don’t have cash on me.”

I would reply. “No problem!” as I take out the Square Reader.

Not so fast shady promoter! Square is here to save your reputation!

Those are the 4 Best Free Phone Apps for Musicians. If you’re not already using these Apps consider downloading them right now.

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