August 28, 2019

Tips Get Booked Musician

Tips Get Booked Musician

5 Tips To Get Booked As A Musician

The workload involved with booking shows as an indie musician can be pretty overwhelming. It’s time to change that, with these 5 tips to get booked as a musician!

Listen, we understand the frustration first hand. Sending email after email, to hear… sometimes nothing at all.

Was it the subject line that was wrong?

Did you have a spelling error?

Did they not like the music?

If you’re struggling to book shows consider these 5 tips the next time you reach out for your music gig.

1. Send Music Links Not Attachments

We live in an online world traveling from link to link. Not attachment to attachment. So, unless someone specifically requests to have your song attached it’s safe to say don’t do it!

There are free sites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud to upload your music for streaming, but please consider using sites like DistroKid to upload your music to iTunes & Spotify.

There are 217 Million Monthly active users on Spotify alone, that’s a lot of fans you’re leaving on the table.

2. Keep Communication Consistent

Staying in consistent communication with the music venue or promoter plays a big role in landing your next show!

Don’t wait to check your email once a week. Get back to the promoter every day or multiple times a day if the situation calls for it. 

3. Have A Branded Website 

Facebook is not your website, neither is Instagram, or Spotify. Having a branded website shows promoters you take your career seriously. It puts your biggest wins and all of your information in a centralized place.

The thought of building a website may seem overwhelming, but it’s really not that bad, especially with all the easy to use web design tools available.

There are great sites like Wix or WordPress to help you create a website where industry players can learn about you.

4. Have Videos

Video can be one of the best ways to show club promoters what you are really made of. From live performances, music videos, or interviews, these all help to portray what the group is about and what the venue can expect!

5. Follow Up

The most important for last.

Venues get 100’s of emails daily. Could it be possible that they missed your email? I’d say, yes!

Following up after 3-5 days is a good idea.

Send your follow up email in the same thread as your first email.

This will keep your information organized which will make the promoter happy and more willing to work with you.

Follow Up Example:

Hey, just checking in to see if you got my last email. Thanks.”

If you’re a musician looking to increase your shows, try these tips out the next time you are trying to get booked!

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