October 15, 2021

Adding Songs to Spotify

Adding Songs To Spotify - How To Add Your Music to Spotify!

Welcome to the ultimate guide to adding songs to Spotify in 2021! 

In this post we will show you exactly how to add your music to Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, and 100s of other digital stores...

To Get Started we need one very important thing...

What is a digital distributor?

A digital distributor distributes music to global stores and online platforms (like Spotify and Apple Music). A digital distributor is 100% needed when adding your songs to Spotify!


Signup For A Digital Distributor

Before we move forward you will need to pick out a digital distributor! There are many options, but our favorite is DistroKid.

If you are following along, make sure you signup for Distrokid so by the end of this article your songs will be added to Spotify 🙂

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.Wav Files of Your Songs

Now that you have signed up for a digital distributor we just need two things...

1. .Wav Files of Your Songs

2. High Quality Album Artwork

(If you need album artwork there are talented designers here)

music on spotify


Upload Your Music

Click the "Upload" button in the top menu.

Check the box next to each stores you want to add your song to.

Select the number of songs you are uploading (Single 1 song, EP, Album, etc.)

adding songs to spotify


Fill Out Song Info

Select if your song was previously released.

Enter your artist name.

Enter your release date.

Select if you want to offer a pre-order option for your song.

Enter the name of the record label the song was released under (if any).

adding songs to spotify


Upload Your Album Artwork

Upload a high resolution version of your album artwork.

Pro Tip: Have attention grabbing artwork 

*Besides your song name, artist name, and album artwork, there isn't much for a new fan to gauge you on.

adding songs to spotify

Select the language of the song you are adding to Spotify.

Select the primary genre of the song.

Select the secondary genre of the song.


Upload Your Song

Upload the audio file of your song. We recommend using a .wav file for best quality.

Enter the name of the song you're adding to Spotify.

Select if your song features other artists (yes or no).

Select if your song is the normal version, radio edit, or other version.

Select (no) to the Dolby Atmos/Spatial audio option unless you had Atmos mix your song.

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Enter Song Details

Select if you wrote the song.

Enter the real names of all songwriters and if they worked on Music and/or lyrics.

Select if the song has explicit lyrics.

Check (yes or no) if the song is a radio edit.

Select if your song contains lyrics or is an instrumental.

Decide if you would like to pick the preview audio clip of your song, or let the streaming service decide.

Enter the price you would like to sell your song for.

adding songs to spotify


Click done!

Check the boxes and then click DONE! 🙂

adding songs to spotify


Wait For Your Song To Go Live!

That's it! You can official say adding songs to spotify is complete!

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