September 16, 2021

Can you think of a married woman having two kids in her late 40s ruling over the music world through her incredible song writings? If not, then you must treat your ears to Amonada Zeon!

Amonada Zeon early music journey:

Technically, Amonada Zeon wrote her first song for a school friend at 13, which is a very young age to step into the music industry. She started her music career many years back when it wasn’t that easy to make your mark in the music industry if they were not sexy, not provocative, not the female profile the industry wanted. Amonada Zeon started this music adventure early in her life through classical music, tango, and musicals. For an opera student, at that time, performing or composing popular music was nothing less than a sin, it wasn’t that easy to build a career outside the classical world. For people who had an interest in the popular music fields, there was a greater risk of losing their career and being judged and terribly criticized by the people around them.

However, in the last years, Amonada Zeon started recording and publishing covers of her old adolescence songs. Destiny can surprise us, because it was the same old school friend from the first song, the one who started pushing her to go back to songwriting and performing. He started by convincing her to step into publishing her podcasts and music, and out of boredom, Amonada Zeon decided to follow his advice. So she looked for her old scores that her mom used to keep and guess what! This was the biggest turning point of her life. When she started releasing her own music, people welcomed her wholeheartedly. They loved everything about Amonada Zeon’s songs and asked for more. That’s how she received a wonderful reception in the music industry, and that’s when she decided to bestow the music industry with her melodic voice!

Amonada Zeon’s music inspiration:

Amonada Zeon has always been an addict to art, music, literature. So, at the beginning, she just fueled herself up with them: listening to great classics, craving for new books, enjoying theatres, cinemas, museums… She says:

“In some way, we all become what we have consumed, what we have been exposed to…So, once you are “charged with that energy”, when there is any strong emotion that shakes you in some way (positive or negative) and you have no words to express your feelings, new songs just appear.”

It was at that point when she suddenly found poetry and melody flowing out. It was a transforming and creative process, almost a catharsis, a therapeutic tool.

Hardships that Amonada Zeon has to face:

Life is not a bed of roses; it can surely surprise us with unexpected changes, challenges: facts that no matter what we do, we cannot change. The best way to overcome these issues is to continue with acceptance and adaptation to the new reality. She personally happens to find the example of the leaves that fall in the river very illustrative.

According to her:

“You know, if the fallen leaf tries to force its way against the water flow, in the end the opposing forces will always destroy it. But if the leaf stays calm as goes with the flow, the river will sooner or later bring it to a safe coast. So, no matter what happens, just keep going…and if the strings of your violin break, play with whatever string is left.”

What a phenomenal personality she is to think this big! At some point, her physical body seemed to collapse suddenly. She had a severe immune dysregulation that looked just like one of those “invisible illness” cases. Amonada Zeon spent years trying to rebuild herself and her career, but it never got better; it just got progressively worse.

However, the unexpected was found out after a “long and winding” medical journey. She had been dealing for almost 20 years with an arsenic intoxication. It caused mitochondrial damage, hyper-reactive immune disorders, autoimmune reactions, etc. But, no matter how many hardships she had to face, she stood still and made her mark in the industry!

What advice does she have for artists who feel they need to fit a certain “image” or “style” to make it?

She says,

“I would ask artists to re-think about: what it is “to make it”? Because surely, it is not quite what the media tries to make us believe. When I was at the first steps of my career, I remember getting statements like “Pretty voice! But you need to lose weight” or “Great music! But we would prefer a celebrity to sing it”; or “Great talent! But need to be sexier.”

One of the worst ones was: “We are phoning you from the production because we would like you to be the main “voice” in the musical (a model will play the character, though. She is pretty to be on stage.)”, etc.

Now, I am grown up, I’m the mom of two wonderful kids. I’m thankful to be alive, and I am absolutely in love with my life and with what I do. None of those comments of the past seems to make sense anymore. So, my advice is: never ever stop being who you are just to please others. Least of all a system that has never been planned for your own benefit.”

Her advice for artists:

“The essence of an artist is precisely being unique and faithful to your own dreams, your own perceptions, your own feelings…because actually, those universal aspects inherent to yourself are the coal that turns into a diamond when properly expressed…this is what we call art. So, before changing your aspect, your profile, your essence just to fit a certain demand, think: do you want to be just a celebrity or do you want to be a musician? Do you want to be their puppet, or do you want to speak up? Do you want to sell a product, or do you want to perform art? What is your choice?”

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