September 16, 2019

Show Promotion Tips

Show Promotion Tips

Day Of Show Promotion Tips

It’s the moment you’ve been preparing for, gig day! So what are some promotion tips for the day of your show?

Below I’ve listed 7 Day of Show Promotion Tips that can help you bring new fans to your concerts.

Tip #1: Post on Social Media

I’m just putting this here to get it out of the way, you already know this. But try to use your personal accounts too.

Make the post have a reason for why people should come out to your show tonight. It’s not just a show, it’s a giant party!

Tip #2: Go To Places Your Fanbase Spends Their Time

Try Malls, Downtown areas, record stores, other concerts, or anywhere your fanbase may hangout.

If you see someone who looks somewhat similar to your current fans go strike up a conversation.

It’s easy to find things to talk about, but if talking to strangers makes you uncomfortable here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Ask how the music scene is in their city? This can also be great insight to what it’s like around town. Locals have a better idea than you do so listen to how they view the music scene.
  • Talk about where you are from. I can’t tell you how many people would tell me they have a relative in the same state, while I was thousands of miles from home. It’s a cool common ground and a great way to connect 😉 You never know who you might run into!
  • Tell them why you are in town. Let people know you’re performing down the street. Don’t be afraid to open up and share why you do what you do. You’d be surprised with how many people resonate with your story. 

Tip #3: Talk to People At the Show

I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but I need to make this a tip for promoting on the day of your show.

Remember, show promotion can be done during the show too.

The impact of talking to the local bands, their friends, and the venue staff is incredible. Just be yourself!

Make friends, support the other artists, and hopefully it’s a mutually respectful place.

Sometimes it’s not and that’s ok, just learn from it and move on! There are plenty of amazing environments out there!

Tip #4: Do A Radio Interview in Town

Doing a local radio interview or live performance is an amazing way to get new fans out to your show.

Live stream the interview on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or anywhere else, and talk about the gig.

Tell people why this show will be so great and why they can’t miss out on the event!

Local colleges usually have a music industry club, those are great to reach out to for setting up interviews.

(BONUS: If you need radio contacts, please contact us HERE. Someone from the Top Left Booking team will help you.)

Tip #5: Add A Local Snap Story Tagged in the City

Once you arrive in the city you’re performing in, get out your phone and open Snapchat.

Take a video that is entertaining, engaging, and educate everyone about the show tonight! Make sure you Geo Tag yourself in the City your show is in.

Snapchat curates local stories by city, if your Snap Story gets added to the city’s story, you could get thousands of views from people living exactly where you’re performing.

What better way to help draw out future fans!

Tip #6: Set Up An In-store Performance

Before your gig starts at the music venue, try to set up an intimate in-store performance. This is great for two reasons:

1. You have a new stripped down set to perform to your current fans.

Maybe this isn’t your first time in town and old fans are coming back to the concert tonight. What better way to give those die hard fans something totally new with an acoustic or alternative set.

2. You can get music store regulars to learn about your music and the show.

There’s bound to be some regulars inside the store and people passing by. Talk to them!

Tell them how you’ll be performing your big show tonight and would love to see them there.

You’ll even give them a special shout out, only because they are vip 😉

(TIP: Top Left Booking has thousands of music stores and other performance venues on our site if you want a fast way to book gigs!)

Tip #7: Post A Geo-Tagged Picture & Insta-Story in the City of Your Show

This one is pretty similar to snapchat, but you can get two plugs with this one!

Instagram Plug #1: Insta Story

Add an engaging story about your show tonight and tag the location you’re playing. It can get picked up by instagram’s geo-stories and bingo. New fans!

Instagram Plug #2: Insta Picture or Video

Post a pic or upload a video tagging yourself in town. Anyone who is searching for posts in the city you’re performing in will be able to find you.

If you’re looking to get more people to your gigs, then consider these tips the next time it’s gig day!

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