September 23, 2019

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How Musicians Can Cope With Depression On Tour

After learning 73 percent of musicians are suffering from mental health symptoms, we wanted to share 8 ways Musicians can cope with depression on tour.

Having Depression, Anxiety, and other mental health conditions can be an enormous challenge in itself, not to mention the “regular” pains indie musicians face on a daily basis.

Touring can be a great escape too, but at times it can also irritate those with depression. Having direct skills to incorporate into your life can be a huge help while on and off the road. 

Here are 8 ways musicians can cope with depression on tour. 

1. Meditate

Studies have shown that meditation helps improve self-awareness, reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and so much more.

It also doesn’t hurt that meditation is free and you can take it with you everywhere you go.

I personally like to mediate 10 mins every morning and night.

It has revolutionized my life and I implore you to try committing to meditating regularly.

2. Have A Support System

Being able to talk out your irrational thoughts during depressive moments is huge.

Figure out your support system and make a plan of action as a group for when times get tough.

3. Exercise

Science even shows that exercising for 30 mins a day makes you happier!

It kicks in all these great drugs into your brain like serotonin which helps improve moods!

Don’t forget to go for a morning/evening walk or run before the gig.

4. Practice Positive Thinking

Some of us weren’t born with a brain that thinks positively around the clock, just like some of us were born bad at running.

We have to train! Get into the habit of looking for the greatness in every situation.

I promise there is something amazing everywhere you go, no matter how bad things seem!

5. Put Into Perspective the Reality of the Situation

When depression hits, our brains have a funny way of creating the most unrealistic lens on life.

This is where your support system can jump in, but if you can, try to catch yourself before you fully slip into a negative spiral.

Try to recognize the thoughts or things you say when you are beginning to get depressed. It can help bring to consciousness the false reality you’re experiencing. 

6. Eat Healthy

Forgetting to eat meals or not regularly eating healthy distorts your state of mind. 

For those with mental health conditions eating unhealthy will affect your depression even more.

If it helps, make a meal schedule throughout the day to stay up to date on eating.

7. Get Enough Rest

Sleep is important! Some need 5 – 6 hours, some need 12.

Make it a priority to find comfortable sleeping spots and if you can budget it, get a cheap motel 1-2 nights to rest up!

8. Do Something You Enjoy

Touring is an incredible experience, but anyone who has toured for an extensive period of time knows it does get routine after a point.

Sometimes you need to take a few hours to do something completely unrelated to music.

Play some sports, go explore, do something new!

Just know that you are not alone and there are dedicated hotlines like National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you need immediate support. 

Whether you are a musician or not, applying these 8 ways musicians can cope with depression on tour can help.

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