October 2, 2019

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How To Be A Verified Artist on Spotify

When Spotify first launched, becoming a verified artist took a lot more work than it does today.

In the past you needed a few different things:

  • Filling out a separate form to be verified
  • 250 Spotify Followers

Lucky for us, now it couldn’t be easier to become a verified artist (the blue check mark)!

Having the blue check mark next to your Spotify artist profile not only asserts authority and professionalism, but helps you to stick out in the sea of musicians.

You won’t see a huge national act without the verification check mark!

There are two ways to quickly be a Verified Artist on Spotify:

Option A: Upload your music using Distrokid

Distrokid is a digital distributor (what you use to upload your music to Spotify, iTunes, and all the other digital streaming services).

Aside from being the most advanced distributor, Distrokid has teamed with Spotify. As a result, using Distrokid will bring you an immediate Verified Artist page.

*Distrokid also recently announced their integration with TikTok app.

Option B: Access your profile in Spotify for Artists

Look at Spotify for Artists as your personal command center to manage your artist profile!

Once you’ve accessed Spotify for Artists, you’ll be able to get your verification. 

Not only does this make you a verified Spotify artist, but you can tell your fans what music you like, get audience insights about who likes your music, and see your streams in real time.

That’s it! Becoming a verified artist could not be easier.

Both of these options should not take you more than 10 minutes. If you’re not already Spotify verified make some time today to fix that.

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spotify verified artist

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