September 5, 2019

twitter followers musicians

twitter followers musicians

How to Get More Twitter Followers for Musicians

Even if Twitter is one of the weirdest things you’ve used, this article will make it easy for musicians of any genre to get more Twitter followers…

And with all the noise on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter may be that overlooked social platform for indie musicians to engage with fans 1-on-1.

These step by step instructions will not only allow you to grow your twitter followers, but connect you directly to real fans.

So, let’s dive in and grow your Twitter fanbase!

Step 1: Write Down 15 Well-known Artists your Current Fans Love.

This part is crucial for musicians to get more twitter followers so take a moment to think about what artists your fans really love.

music venue

Step 2: Go to the Twitter Search Bar.

Type in the artists from the list you just made into the twitter search bar.

twitter followers musicians

Step 3: Sort Tweets by ‘Latest’

Select the option to filter tweets by ‘Latest.’ This will show you the most recent people talking about Nickleback, for example.  

twitter followers musicians

Step 4: Click on Twitter Profiles

Click on the profile of each person who is tweeting. It’s the circle icon that looks like the image here.

twitter music follower

Look at their:

  • Biography
  • Header Photo
  • Profile Picture
  • Their last 5 tweets

Are they a business profile?

Are they a robot?

The goal is to find the profiles that seem likely to be fans, i.e. real humans who like music!

If they don’t fit your fanbase, then move on, but if they seem to be someone in your industry do consider building a relationship 🙂

Step 5: Engage

If you’re wondering what you should do to ‘engage,’ I’ve bulleted a list below to get you started.

Some work better than others, so try experimenting.

What works best for one indie musician may not for your band and vice versa.

Examples of Engaging:

  • Like tweets
  • Add your .02 cents to the conversation “Hey that’s my favorite band too!”
  • Direct Message (Giving them something free, etc, do not spam!)

Step 6: Nurture Your Community

Once you’ve done steps 1-5, you will begin to get new Twitter followers. It’s important to continuously keep your twitter community filled with valuable content.

What this means, is engaging with people inside your own Twitter feed along with posting tweets and other pieces of content your audience resonates with.

This will strengthen the relationship between your brand and your audience, transitioning some over time into super fans!

Step 7: Repeat

I know this sounds simple, but if you do this 30 mins a day the results can be incredible.

Even better, if you are in a band (let’s say 4 members) you can all chip in 30 minutes a day on Twitter search. That’s 2 hours / day directly building your Twitter followers and fanbase.

So, what are you waiting for? The best thing you can do right now is to jump in.

Quick! Think of 1 major artist your current fans love.

twitter followers musicians

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