September 19, 2019

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How to Get Placement On Spotify Playlists

One of the best ways musicians can increase their Spotify Streams is by getting placement on Spotify Editorial Playlists.

Artists like Gustavo Bertoni have seen their monthly listeners grow over 80x just from placement on one editorial playlist! 

In this article you will learn exactly what you need to do to get your music onto Spotify’s Playlists.

But before we get started, let’s cover:

How Spotify Playlists Work

First off, there are two types of Playlists that Spotify creates, aside from user playlists:


  • Editorial Playlists

You’ve probably heard of these Playlists, Rap Caviar, Today’s Top Hits, Rock This, etc. They are picked by Spotify’s team of editors who are constantly analyzing user data and which songs to put onto Playlists. 

Editors are always changing playlists, based on what listeners are into. For example if your music starts to blow up on a smaller, user created playlist, it can level up onto larger editorial playlists like Rap Caviar or Hot Country. 


  • Algorithmic Playlist

These are a little different than editorial playlists because Algorithmic Playlists are unique to each individual listener.

You’ll find your Algorithmic Playlist in Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes, Release Radio, or Time Capsule.

These Playlists are created using data about what a music lover is listening to, what songs they skip, what music they share, etc.

These data points help Spotify predict what the listener might play next, creating Algorithmic Playlists.

How do you get onto Spotify’s Editorial Playlists?

Use Spotify for artists to pitch your unreleased music to the right editorial team for playlist consideration.

According to Spotify’s blog “the way you can end up on a Spotify Playlist is by getting Spotify your music as early as possible, weeks before the release, at the longest 7 days.” 

The sooner you get your music pitched to Spotify’s editorial team, the better your chances!

While you’re submitting your music, pick one track you think people will love the most. Then fill out the songs’ Styles, Genre, Moods, Language, Instruments, and the type of recording.

Don’t forget to add the city you’re based from and your story behind the song!

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When you’re done, hit submit! Congratulations, your music will be sent to the right editorial team to review your music for placement on Spotify playlists.

If you do get selected by Spotify’s editorial team and get placement on one of their playlists, make sure you share it!

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