March 6, 2020

How to Get Spotify Playlist Placement

Getting Spotify playlist placement is a great strategy to building your fan base as a musician. Spotify is a platform with millions of listeners, so having your music on digital stores will guarantee you exposure to new fans all over the world.

However, getting the much-needed playlist placement is not always an easy task. You need to be prepared for a relationship building process, that’s filled with huge rewards. 

In this article, we are taking a closer look at how you can get Spotify playlist placement.

spotify playlist placement

1. Get your Music on Release Radar

Release Radar is a Spotify playlist that features new songs. This playlist is created by Spotify’s algorithm and every user gets a tailored version of it. This means that everyone who has followed your Spotify Profile will hear your new release on Release Radar playlist. 

Release Radar can also generate more streams from new users. Depending on the analytics, the algorithm will classify your song as successful, or not, and promote it accordingly.

Be careful though, as you need at least 7 days for the algorithm to add your song to Release Radar. Therefore, the sooner you submit your music the better.

2. Get Featured on Discover Weekly

Discover Weekly is another Spotify playlist that is based on the platform’s algorithm. Each user receives a tailored version of this playlist every Monday morning.

However, this is a much more difficult playlist to get featured on. For this particular playlist, the algorithm takes into consideration if your music is featured in a number of playlists, the number of streams, skips, listen durations, and every other way that your audience can interact with it. 

Positive song interaction = more playlist placements.

3. Interact with Curators

When someone has added your song to a playlist, then you should do everything to support it. Share the playlist on your social media, stream it, and try to develop a close relationship with the playlist owner. Chances are the curator will add you to their playlist again and they may even have connections with other playlists. The long-term benefits for the both of you are huge.

4. Search for Playlist Directories

A simple search will give you a list of websites that specialize in creating Spotify playlists. So, a good way to get Spotify playlist placement is to submit your music for consideration to playlist directories. Research which directories fit your music the best. 

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5. Get featured in Music Blogs

One last way to get playlist placements is to get your songs featured in a music blog. The majority, if not all, of music bloggers own Spotify playlists with a great following. 

Their Spotify playlists are an expansion of their blogs. So, in order to get featured on more playlists, get in touch with every music blogger you can find.

These are some useful steps that you can follow to get Spotify playlist placement. After you start to get a few placements, prepare to gain a lot of new listeners and more playlist opportunities!

Spotify Playlist Placement
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