September 11, 2019

Upload Your Music To Spotify

How To Upload Your Music To Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, & Everywhere Else

If you’re a musician and don’t have your music on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, etc. then this post will teach you how to upload your music to Spotify and 100’s of other digital stores.

Spotify alone reports to have 217 Million active Monthly users worldwide. 

We put together this short guide to help anyone struggling to upload their music to Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, & 100’s of other music streaming services.

By the end of this you’ll be able to:

  • Share your music with millions of fans across Spotify, iTunes, & 400+ music streaming services
  • Start receiving 100% of your song revenues and get paid for your music streams
  • Be a Verified Artist on Spotify
  • Showcase a Professional Brand Image

So what do you need to get a song onto Apple Music or Spotify? 

  • A Digital Distributor 
  • Your Music (.Wav file for best quality)
  • Album Artwork (Need Album Art? Try,  you’ll find graphic designers for any budget).
  • UPC Code (Only if you’re moving to a new digital distributor and want to keep the song stream count, I’ll make an article on that soon, if this is your first time skip this part).
That’s all you need to upload your music to Spotify & Tidal! Easy right?

I’ll recommend DistroKid for a digital distributor and we’ll be using it in this example.

I’ve used handfuls of distribution services in the past and Distrokid is by far my favorite. They are also the fastest, cheapest, and they pay you 100% of your song streams. 

Time to Upload Your music to Spotify!
Step 1: Create An Account at

Enter your email and password to create your account.

Upload Your Music To Spotify

Step 2: Choose the Right Plan For Your Situation

If you want instant Spotify Verification (the green checkmark) you’ll want to go with the Musician Plus.

spotify playlist

Step 3: Upload Your Music

Check the boxes for each store you want your music to be available in and upload your .Wav files for each song.

spotify playlist

Step 4: Fill Out Your Artist Info

Fill out your Artist Name, Release Date, and other information.

spotify playlist

Step 5: Upload Your Album Artwork
spotify playlist

Upload a high resolution version of your album artwork.

Make sure your album artwork is something that would make a new fan want to click on your music.

Besides your name, song title, and album artwork there isn’t much for a new fan to gauge you on.

If you don’t have album artwork already try

Step 6: Wait For Your Music To Go Live

spotify playlist

Step 7: Tell the World!

It’s that easy! If you have any problems uploading your music Direct Message us on Twitter or Instagram @topleftbooking, we will help you. 

(TIP: Submit your music to our Playlists after you finish for free placements!)

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