August 16, 2018

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Interview With Magix King

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From performing overseas in Germany to hometown Chicago, Magix King has been on a mission to create & spread timeless music. The Hip Hop artist took some time to talk with us about why he pursues music, goals as an artist, & the learning process we all go through as musicians. 

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Hey Magix King, it’s great to talk with you! You mentioned your Uncle being in your ear, telling you that you need to make timeless music. Are you sticking to the plan? Was he someone that also inspired you to get involved with music?

Definitely, he still inspires me today and stays on me about not getting caught in any wave with any track. My focus is to make sure the feelings I express are real and communicated in a way where years from now will still stand strong.

Music Video for The Reign:

How would you describe your sound to someone that hasn’t heard your music?

I entertain and empower through the sounds of music. I love to be lyrical, and writing is very important to me. Mostly all of my bars are double entendres. I play with many different sounds so through Hip Hop it can get smooth and we can also get hype. I love to ride the beat, my rhythmic pattern usually has a flow that aligns with the production.

You’re from Southside Chicago, what’s your perspective on the music scene there? If you could change one thing about the Chicago music scene what would it be?

The music scene in Chicago is one big beautiful melting pot of talent. We really develop so many different sounds. I would love to bring more light to the deeper parts of Chicago. There is a huge family of artists that really deserves some shine, and I would love to see that.

Have you had the opportunity to collaborate with any international independent artists?

DJ Purple & DJ Reptile. We have an EDM track called STFD and it can be found on SoundCloud as well as my project A Sick Summer.

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Photo by Obscure Diamond Productions

So, this song Dream Catcher kind of blew up for you, resulting in you getting the opportunity to perform abroad. What was that like?

Truthfully speaking it was so bittersweet. It was the first project, and I was so unaware of how to thoroughly attack the opportunity.

However, everything I thought I knew, I hit it full go and it was an absolutely amazing trip. They made me feel like a celebrity. But again under Dream Catcher, my name was Magic and this is the trip where I learned why branding was so important.

I rocked 3 stages, ate great, got to visit a different part of Germany that I found so relaxing it inspired the following tape theWorkoutSession and the plan for A Sick Summer.

So the trip overseas was one that forever changed me as an artist and as a person. My big bro Frank Wiseler schooled me to a few things that opened my eyes and gave me a whole new attack for when I got back home. The trip to Luxembourg damn near created Magix King.

Music Video for A Sick Summer:

Have you been blessed to work with any heavyweights in the music game yet? And if so, how was that experience?

I’ve had a lot of interactions with many different, very talented people but no works just yet. I am planning on it though and it is a very big plan.

It seems as if you are here for the long haul and music will continue to be a major part of your life. What’s the big goal with your music career?

I’d like music to be the door opener for a financially stable lifestyle for my family and my children. Musically I could tour for life. I love being on stage.

You launched your first mixtape back in 2012. Can you speak on your evolvement into the artist you’ve become today? I’m sure it’s been a journey so far!

music venueIt has been so wild because I have been doing it all myself. I have watched myself fail time and time again. Not in the sense of making bad music, but just in the aspect of delivering it to the people. One of my biggest struggles was not knowing what I didn’t know.

We always prepare for what we know may be a problem or what we know we can avoid. There are situations where you just have to go through them to be like “Oh ok, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.” Ins and outs of the ups and the downs have turned me into a monster lol. Not in a bad way but I’m just so much more prepared about how to do all the things I couldn’t do when I was coming up.

So tell us about the stage name Magix King. What’s the story behind the name?

Long story short, branding. My name was originally Magic and when you searched it in Google, there was everything from the magic of Disney to magic tricks that popped up before it got to me. So I decided to change it to Magix because now when you search I’m one of the first things that pops up. I want it to be easy and simple to find me, that’s really important for me because as a new artist searching my name Magix King needs to connect my potential supporters directly to me instead of sending them on a hunt.

If you could change one thing about the opportunities that upcoming artists receive, what would it be and why?

Paid shows. I believe that not only would the quality of the shows increase, but artists would strive to work harder. The show quality would increase because they aren’t just going to pay anybody, they are going to look hard at who they are investing their money in. As an artist, you should be wanting to step your game up to make sure you are on that radar.

What inspires you to wake up every day and make music?

I love the power of music. It is my therapy. I don’t know what I would do without music.

We ask all the artists we interview, what’s the best piece of advice someone’s ever given to you?

“Kid, you’ll move mountains!” -Dr. Seuss

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