October 2018 Music Venue Update

music gigEvery October, January, April, & July we do an extremely necessary task, what I’m talking about is a music venue update! We want to ensure that all musicians using Top Left Booking connect with music venues quickly, so doing these updates is a must!

During updates we look at music venues for 3 things:

1. Broken Links
music venueNothing is more annoying than having a booking contact just to click on a website that reads, ‘Page can not be found.’ Music venues regularly change their URLs for multiple reasons, so anytime this happens we make sure to locate the correct web address.
2. Foul Play
music gigsThis doesn’t have to do with broken links, but more so with our belief in equality & safety. Checking venues for any bad incidents, for example, violence or discrimination. We don’t tolerate it and if we see it we won’t risk putting you in that situation, AKA recommending that music venue or promoter.
3. Closed Venues
music gig music gigIt’s upsetting to share this, but I discovered that every 3 months, over 6% of active music venues will close down. That’s why adding new music gigs are crucial to keeping up with the never-ending loss of DIY venues.Let’s consider how this would affect things if we didn’t have any updates since we started with 1,600 music venues.music gigsIn the graph above, the blue shows how booking resources have grown with updates over time. The red shows what would happen if we didn’t do any venue updates…Just look, since April 2017 music venues have grown to over 3,000. Without any updates, there would now be 60% fewer contacts or around 1,000. I don’t know about you but having 3x the opportunities, 3x the chances and 3x the booking contacts is a BIG deal. As an indie musician, every opportunity counts!music gigs


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