September 15, 2020

If you’re looking for honest music, Rotto might become your new favorite artist! The Cleveland, Ohio native is truly a genre-bender, incorporating R & B, Pop, & more to create the signature sound heard on singles like Drive, Spots, and his most recent EP, Finding My Voice.

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Life is a combination of ups and downs, and everyone’s life has some moments that feel like the worst times. Rotto uses experiences like these, along with topics like toxic relationships, PTSD, Anxiety, & Depression to create anthems heard throughout his releases.

The singer has a deep cause of his music journey, to help the broken hearts to heal and grow stronger.

Rotto’s message and awareness towards such important topics like mental health is inspiring and appreciated. This emotionally honest artist has personally dragged himself out of this dark phases, which you can hear expressed in his song sleepless and first EP “Rainy Days.”

What the Lyric Video For Sleepless

Sleepless - Rotto (Lyric Video) -

Since Rotto released his tracks, he’s landed features with RAP NOW, Sad Rap, IMR (IndependentMusicReviews.Com), FutureNectarSounds – Indie Artists, Topleftbooking, and David Ramberg Oistad. Along withe collaborations with artists like RavageRaps, Whollis, Vwwls, Chanilla, and HBF Yung D.

Rotto is a dynamic artist you don’t want to sleep on, you never really know what he has up his sleeve…

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