August 25, 2020

Sean Miller Music
Sean Miller Music

Sean’s new track ‘I Can’t Breathe’ is a masterpiece with a deep meaning to it. Our world has been going through a lot of hurdles this year, and it seems that only negativity is being spread all around. Sean couldn’t be silent on these issues anymore and therefore decided to express his thoughts and feelings through his music. His music is truly inspiring and powerful, as Sean believes that music has the power to heal. Every day we face challenges in our life, and Sean aims to spread positivity and hope through his music to give you the power to face whatever challenge life throws at you.

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Born and brought up in Michigan, Sean is a singer-songwriter who has recently released his debut album called “Everywhere I Roam” bringing him praise across the Midwest and beyond. The Northern Express called his album “a latest and greatest spin” with other publications comparing him to Darius Rucker and Donovan Woods. He’s an artist at heart who has been creatively involved with music throughout his entire life, as that’s his only passion. He is now refocusing time to dig deep into his own songwriting and solo career, to show the world what a true musician can do, with passion and dedication.

Sean Miller Music creation

Miller is an artist who uses his musical abilities for the greater good and before COVID, he was found playing the Michigan festival scene and performing out regularly, opening for nationally touring bands and planning his first two tours across the Midwest.

Sean Miller Music

Music is the shorthand of emotion, and Sean Miller Music is the perfect example of this. He is an amazing artist and his latest release ‘I Can’t Breathe” is bound to take you away! His music is embedded with breathtaking lyrics and soul touching melodies.

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