July 17, 2018

Music Video Solar Flare Sunset

Solar Flare Sunset Releases New Music Video for ‘Something Else’

Music Video Solar Flare Sunset

Just a few months ago, Solar Flare Sunset released their self-titled album. To go along with it, they’ve brought a brand new music video for the second track, “Something Else.”

Watch the Music Video Below:

After the hard rock band recorded their LP in January, they recruited filmmaker and director, Ben Poss to pull off their vision.

The music video tells a juvenile story, as the band performs in the Iowa plains. Lead vocalist, Ethan Everhart says, “The video for ‘Something Else’ was an excuse to be funny and dumb. We wanted something to make us laugh and hopefully, it makes other people laugh too.” 

Solar Flare Sunset Music Video

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Despite the humor, Everhart explains that “the song is about falling out of love with something and finding it in something else.”

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The four-piece formed back in May 2017, when high school friends, Ethan (lead vocals, guitar), Isaiah (guitar, vocals), and Cole (bass, piano) started jamming. Raul (drums) quickly jumped into the mix to bring Solar Flare Sunset to full force. The band has hinted that they’ve already begun writing for their follow up release, despite being barely a year old. 

music video solar flare sunset

Ethan suggests one thing if you’re filming a music video outside in a rural area, “bug spray.” “The gnats were horrendous. We filmed this at my childhood home so I should’ve been prepared, but I had a momentary lapse in judgment.”

Towards the end of the video, you may see bass player, Raul (far left), with his hands on his head, appearing to regret his decisions. “In reality, he’s doing this because of the millions of gnats biting our necks, faces, and ears,” says Ethan.

Check it out for yourself!


You can stream Solar Flare Sunset’s latest LP below:


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