October 21, 2019

tom pearce temple

Tom Pearce Video Premier – Temple

Tom Pearce temple
Today we’re excited to premier instrumental musician Tom Pearce new video for his single, Temple. The Adelaide, Australia native, draws inspiration from progressive thrash metal and indie rock… this is a video you don’t want to miss!

Check out the video below!


Tom had the following to share about his new song… 

“My new single ‘Temple’ is a conceptualization of both the chaotic and harmonious relationship that can occur between perceptions of reality and the natural world. A temple is a place where people go to reinforce their beliefs about the world. Likewise, these beliefs can be processed and reinforced internally within the mind. We all need to make sense of the world, and this song is supposed to resemble that conflictual journey a person goes on to understand it.”

Q & A with the upcoming superstar:

Hey Tom, thanks for talking with us!

So immediately upon watching your new video for ‘Temple,’ your guitar playing impressed us. What age did you start playing?

Thanks for talking with me! I started playing when I was 10 years old, I’m now 22.

Did anything inspire you to create your new single ‘Temple?’

At first, No. When I’m first starting to flesh out a song most of the time there’s a melody in my head that isn’t attached to anything, but through the writing process I sort of make up an idea as I try to make sense of how the song is sounding. Once the song is starting to take shape, I close my eyes with headphones on and envision a visual space of what the song should resemble and any meaning behind it, this helps me finish off the last 5% and conceptualize what the artwork should be. As a side note, more specifically for ‘Temple’, I had just bought a 7 string guitar so I was probably enjoying the low register a little too much and seeing what shreddy nonsense sounded good over it.

tom pearce temple

How’s the music scene in Australia?

The music scene in Australia is great. There are a lot of great artists from heaps of very different genres. Here in Adelaide, we have an amazing indie rock scene and an equally amazing metal scene, so there’s a lot of great underground bands that are influential in my taste in music. From what I’ve been exposed to it seems like there’s a really positive mentality around building everyone up together which is great.

Music can be a big escape and maybe even viewed as a temple… what are your thoughts on that?

That’s a great way to put it. In a way, I guess a lot of why people listen to music is to make sense of how they’re feeling or to add energy to these feelings. This can either be positive or negative or somewhere in between. Temple is very chaotic, but the way it ends is pretty harmonious and hopefully nice on the ear. It’s like one big journey of trying to make sense of something. If people are using music as their ‘temple’, and it helps them either reinforce positive feelings or cope with negative ones, that’s a really beneficial thing that we should all take advantage of.

tom pearce temple

Your new single is original and fresh, what can we expect next from Tom Pearce?

I’m in the middle of writing and recording heaps of songs that I’ve been slowly working on for about 2 years. Some of them will end up on an EP and a few more will be singles throughout the year. I plan on having a much busier year with releasing music in 2020. To give you an inkling on what the new music sounds like – “Layers of harmonies and triumphant chord progressions”. Or, you can just follow me on Instagram because most of it will end up on there out of order like a little puzzle.

We ask everyone we interview, what’s the best piece of advice that someone has ever given to you about the music game?

Write music for yourself, if you like it, there are probably other people out there that will as well.

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