August 29, 2018

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Interview with Toronto’s Rock Band, Uforia

Uforia Canada
Photo by: The Bands Around Town

Toronto, Canada’s, Uforia has knocked off some huge accomplishments over their career, already winning multiple awards, radio play at NHL games, and opening up Arenas for Billy Talent. I had a chance to talk with their vocalist & founding member, Michael Ursini about what’s next for Uforia. For any upcoming musicians on the fence about entering contests, Michael shares some great insight & advice on the subject.

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Uforia Canada

Q) Hey Michael! First off, congratulations on the music video for “What It Means To You.” Gaining 100K+ views in just a few months is incredible! You also won 1st place this year at South Georgian Bay Film Festival for the video. Has anything changed since?

A) Thanks Nick! Not much has drastically changed but we now have a semi-viral award winning video in our vault. We’ll use that when pitching to radio or for placements.  

Music Video For What It Means To You:

Q) It’s my understanding that Uforia started as a solo project for you (Michael), that later came together with three more members Adam Brik (Lead Guitar), Dylan Piercey (Drums), and Daniel Salij (Bass). What led to the change from solo to full band?

A) After putting together an EP of songs I was happy with, I knew it would require a four-piece band to play live. Uforia has gone through quite a few changes since its original line-up, but we’ve been settled for about 2 years now and everybody still loves each other 🙂

Q) You mentioned that the Fight or Flight EP was co-written by someone else, particularly Steve Molella. Was that a situation where you were targeting already produced music, or did Steve take a liking to Uforia’s sound and decide to produce music specifically with the band?

A) Probably a bit of both. We were looking for a big name producer after we finished our second self-made EP, but things didn’t work out as intended. Steve was referred by Rob Lanni of Coalition Ent., where I was studying at the time. We immediately hit it off. His style of production is very involved with the songwriting aspect. Some songs are mostly me and other songs are split a bit more evenly between us. It all depends on what the song needs to reach its highest potential.

Music Video For Fight or Flight:

Q) If Uforia had the opportunity to tour with any other group in the world, who would it be?

A) Billy Talent or Royal Blood

Q) So what’s the music scene like at home in Toronto?

A) There’s not a huge rock scene in Toronto, but then again, there isn’t any one thing that’s huge. There’s just so many things to do for entertainment it’s rare that one type of music or hobby becomes very popular. Online video games are probably more popular than anything else. That’s why we want to get our songs in those games or for the streamers to play us.

Q) You’ve won some other contests as well, such as the Mississauga Music Award for Rock Band of the Year, the Hard Rock Rising Canada contest, Jack Daniel’s Supporting Act contest. How have those experiences been?

A) Winning stuff is great. Definitely better than losing 🙂 It’s brought in some serious funding for us. I’d suggest entering as many contests as possible for any indie artist.

Uforia Canada
Photo by: The Bands Around Town

Q) I have to ask, what was it like opening for Billy Talent?

A) It was unreal. They are the nicest people in the world. So supportive.

Q) When it comes time to write a new album or EP, does the music come first and then the lyrics or vice versa?

A) For me it’s usually music first. The sound of the instrumental inspires the theme for a lyric. Sometimes they happen simultaneously. Rarely lyrics first but it has happened.

Q) How long before you’re back in the studio working on your next project?

A) We’ve actually been in the studio on and off for the last few months. Expect to hear some new Uforia in 2019.

Music Video For Overthrow:

Q) It’s been a pleasure watching the band grow since we connected in 2017.  With all of the accomplishments that you’ve endured so far, what’s the next step for Uforia?

A) We’re trying our hardest to establish some management and funding. At this point we’ve done everything we can do as an independent band. It’s time to start playing with the big guns.

Q) Do you think physical music is dying and eventually we will transition into an all digital world?

A) For sure. But I think we’ll be dead before that happens.

Q) We ask all the artists that we interview, what is the best piece of advice that someone has ever given to you?

A) Keep writing songs. Songs are the most important thing in the music business. You can have all the talent in the world as a musician but the majority of listeners will just want to hear good songs. Good songs recorded properly 🙂

Check out some of the final 2018 Show Dates for Uforia:

Uforia Canada

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