October 19, 2020

Urban Underground

The Urban Underground: Keith KDubbs' William's

In June 2020, Keith’ KDubbs’ Williams, AKA Urban Underground stunned the entire world with his single “You Cannot Hold Me.” Keith found his personal success when he refused to limit his talent to just one genre.

Keith’ KDubbs’ Williams blends Hip-hop, Conscious Rap, Jazz, Funk, NeoSoul, Dance/EDM, and East Coast to create the high-quality music you’ll hear throughout all of the Urban Underground releases!

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The Urban Underground Keith’s 2020:

When we talk about Keith’ KDubbs’ Williams’s music, we get to know that 2020 has been a HUGE year for Keith. He released not one, but THREE albums this year. The first LP, “Year in the Rear View,” the second group collaboration, “World Peace.” The most recent of his work is in September 2020 “Musical Alchemist” 

Fun Fact: In 2019 Keith KDubbs’ Williams indulged himself in a weekly songwriting challenge which ultimately inspired most of his songs on Year in the Rear View

Listen to Year In The Rear View:


The Urban Underground’s World Peace:

 The Urban Underground: Keith KDubbs' William's

The most recent Urban Underground release, World Peace, has 20 songs packed with genre blends anywhere from jazz to hip hop. Year in the Rear View AND Musical Alchemist both hold strong with 20 tracks EACH as well. It significantly expands the already impressive catalog for Keith KDubbs’ Williams!

One communiality throughout all the tracks is the foundation of urban music. The Hit track on World Peace, “You cannot hold me” shows us the hip hop aspect of the album. It further delivers a strong message about the current social disturbance situation prevailing in the USA. 

The motto of the urban underground is clearly described in words below:

“Teaching our kids not to hate, may be the only path to lasting peace and that WE ARE ONE, all different but all equal and should be treated as such.”

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Keith KDubbs’ Williams Personal Life Glimpse:

If we have a slight glimpse of Keith KDubbs’ William’s personal life, we will come to know that he is much more than just an independent musician. He is a teacher, community leader, father, and above all, a great mentor. 

His personality is in fact an excellent mixture of grace and simplicity. As a young and enthusiastic boy living in the Tri-State Pittsburgh Pa area, Keith stumbled on to a medley of music from within his own family. Singers, organizers, Piano players, as well as music composers, etc. were all well portrayed throughout. So, in this way, this incredible diverse artist stepped into the music industry, and now, he’s rocking the world!

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