January 29, 2020

verify spotify artist

Verify Your Spotify Artist Profile (Verified Check Mark)

verify spotify artist

In this post we go step by step on How to Verify Your Spotify Artist Profile.

A few years ago, you had to have 250 Spotify followers and had to submit your artist profile to Spotify to be approved for the blue verified check mark. 

Good news… You don't have to do that anymore! 

It’s so much easier to verify your Spotify profile.

And by the end of this post you are going to have your very own account verified!

Not only will this post teach you how to verify your artist profile but you can also use the same tool (Spotify For Artists) to edit your Spotify Artist Profile.

Your artist profile contains things like your bio, social links, artist description, profile picture… you want to have this information organized.


1. Use your Digital Distributer

Once you are logged into your digital distributer, you can access Spotify For Artist and become a Verified Spotify Profile.

And the second way you can verify your Spotify Artist profile…

What does Spotify For Artists do?

1. Gives you the blue check mark 

2. Spotify Verified Profile

3. Insight into analytics like, demographics, where your audience is located, genders, age, etc.

4. Edit your Spotify Profile

Once you are on Spotify for Artists homepage, click “Claim your profile.”

Next, type the name of your band, your artist, or rapper name. 

Then, you will get the option to "Verify"

Finally, Spotify For Artists will ask you to confirm some information so you can prove that this is your account and then you will be verified. 

That’s it. It’s super easy! 

By now, if you followed all these instructions you should have your Spotify for artist profile verified with the blue check mark!

Verify Spotify Artist
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