September 8, 2019

musician meditation

musician meditation

Why Every Musician Should Meditate

Why should every musician meditate? For starters, meditation reduces stress, promotes emotional health, controls anxiety, strengthens self-awareness, improves sleep, and much more.

And with 76% of musicians suffering from a mental health condition, having a healing tool you can take anywhere you go sounds pretty appealing.

Below we’ve highlighted 5 key areas where meditation can improve your life.

1. Stress

When you get mental and physical stress, a hormone called cortisol begins to increase its levels. This results in depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, cloudy thinking, and more.

Luckily, meditation helps to calm the mind and reduces stress. Just imagine the increase in productivity you would experience with a decrease of stress.

2. Negative Thinking

Our thoughts create the world we live in, so if you’re in a cycle of negative thinking, guess how the world appears… Negative.

It’s not your fault though, it’s just natural instinct.

Did you know the brain is genetically designed to find things wrong in a situation? Thanks brain!

Practicing meditation and mindfulness can help reverse the thought process into a positive, more grateful state of mind!

3. Anxiety

Anxiety comes in all forms. It can be strong, it can be barely noticeable, but when anxiety hits is can affect all parts of the body.

Practicing meditation helps you stay mindful of reality and can dull down anxiety.

4. Mental Health

Just like you exercise to get muscles, you can meditate to get brain muscles!

Mental disorders are the leading cause for ill-health and disability worldwide. I bet you can even think of a musician with a mental health condition!

Meditating for just 10 mins a day could change every other minute for the rest of your life while giving you a holistic approach to mental healing.

5. Self-Awareness

This is the most powerful tool to life in my opinion.

Unlocking it is the key to fulfillment. You need to understand yourself if you want to make yourself truly happy.

Meditation can connect your subconscious with the conscious. Bringing into light the reality of your desires.

Try giving meditation a try if you feel like you could use some mental strengthening.

With all the stresses that go along with being a musician, it might not only improve your overall life, but also bring strategies to mind that will level up your music career in ways you never imagined possible!

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