3,000+ Gig Booking Platform

If you’ve ever used a map app on your phone to find a restaurant, store, or gas station, then you already know how easy Top Left Booking is to use. Search over 3000 music venues in all 50 States and use custom search settings to find and book the right gigs for your fanbase.

Search Music Venues by Location or Radius

Just like using a Maps App, you can narrow your search results as much (or as little) as you want. Only playing in your Home State? Connect with your favorite spots in seconds. Want to travel? Search any City and find the Music Venues for your audience!

Venue Categories

Enjoy speedy workflow. We took the liberty of oranizing venues into 9 different categories, plus your own location:

Interactive Map + Geo-location

Just turn on location services, and Top Left can give you an instant, interactive map that you can search based on your current location!

Create Custom Tour Routings

Travel across the country or across the state! Choose your venues, insert waypoints, and book customized tours for your music… Drag and drop your route to quickly change or try out various route options and update your routing as shows confirm.

Connect with Venues in Just a Few Taps

Top Left makes booking your chosen venue simple and fast! You’ll be able to contact any venue within moments.

Keep 100% of Your Gig Earnings

The best part is that there are no percentage fees! You get to keep 100% of your show earnings every time.

Let us do the grunt work so you can spend more time playing with friends, connecting with fans, and doing what you love!





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