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Submit Your Music to THOUSANDS of Spotify Playlists

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Playlists For All Genres









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What Artists Have To Say

The kind folks at Top Left Booking have added Bruxism onto 3 of their playlists! It means so much that these guys have put so much faith into this track and it would be ace if you guys gave them a follow and listened to some great upcoming artists that I get the pleasure of joining in this playlist

Matt Woodman

Happy Artist

“Awesome team. Very helpful, kind, and genuinely indie-artist friendly. They’ve done so much for Conversing with Oceans. Thanks guys! ”

Alex Bondarev

Happy Artist

Reliability is a word that in today’s Music business lost a lot of his original meaning. Top Left Booking bring the meaning of the word back.

Cosmin Traian Marica

Happy Artist

Un grand merci à Studio Simone qui a accompli un travail d’orfèvre, le résultat va bien au delà de mes espérances!

Jon Onj

Happy Artist

? “This is love” is now part of the DIY Discover Spotify playlist which promotes independent French music!

Thanks to the team of Top Left Booking for sharing! ?

Happy Artist


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the information up to date?

Yes, the last update was January 2021.

How Many Playlist Followers?

Playlists range from 100 followers all the way up to 300,000 followers and EVERY size in between.


Are these Robot/Fake/Paid Streams?

NO WAY! We never endorse fake streams.

Do the Playlists cover my genre?

We have ALL genres. Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Pop, Punk, Metal, Alternative, Indie, Funk, Electronic, EDM, Songwriter, R&B, Country, House, Trance, Jazz, Blues, & more.

Is there Contact Info For Each Playlist

Yes, each playlist has email or social media contact info :)

How do I submit my song?

Using the contact info provided (social media or email.)

24 HOURS LEFT! 20% OFF Today Only

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