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Spotify Playlist Curator Directory

There are over 217 MILLION people listening to SPOTIFY every month!

If you want to succeed in today’s music industry your music NEEDS to be on Spotify Playlists.

This is where your soon to be fans discover their next favorite artist.

The Playlist Curator Directory helps you tap into the exploding Spotify market with detailed contact information for over 2,000 popular Spotify playlists.

Every playlist is categorized by GENRE so you can quickly contact the curators for your style of music.

The Playlist Curator Directory comes in E-BOOK / PDF format, so it works on ALL smartphones, computers, and devices.

spotify playlists
Original Price: $180
Your Price After Savings: $90

19+ Million Combined Playlist Followers

2,000+ Playlists

How Many Playlists In My Genre?

Hip Hop/Rap/R&B: 1,500+
Rock/Alternative/PopPunk: 900+
Electronic/EDM/Dance: 400+
Singer/Songwriter: 600+
Original Price: $180
Your Price After Savings: $90

You'll also get our Spotify Playlist Cheat Sheets for free!

These cheat sheets cover all the key areas that you need to know about Spotify Playlists

You’ll learn:

* The 3 types of Spotify Playlists
* How to get your music on Spotify Playlists
* How to approach curators with your music
* What to say to Playlist Curators
* How the Spotify algorithm works

And more!

Get Your Spotify Playlist Curator Directory Today!

spotify playlists
Original Price: $180
Your Price After Savings: $90


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